Our Awards

  • 2024 Grand Champion Old Fashioned Wieners
  • 2024 Grand Champion Maple Wild Rice Blueberry Links
  • 2024 Grand Champion Loaded Baked Potato Brats
  • 2024 Reserve Grand Champion Bone-In Ham
  • 2024 Reserve Grand Champion Sweet & Spicy Jerky
  • 2024 Reserve Grand Champion Chili Cheese Dogs
  • 2024 Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon
  • 2024 Champion Butter Garlic Salmon
  • 2024 Reserve Champion Smoked Turkey
  • 2024 Reserve Champion Canadian Bacon
  • 2024 Reserve Champion Cheesy Ranch Pickle Sticks
  • 2024 Reserve Champion Wild Rice Bacon Brats
  • 2024 Innovative Beef Winner Steakhouse Tender Grillers
  • 2024 Open Class 1st Place Reuben Brats
  • 2024 Open Class 2nd Place Smoked Pork Chops

Choice Cuts. Bold Flavor.

Find your favorite meat at our meat market in Annandale, MN

When you shop at a typical grocery store, you have to choose from a limited selection and accept whatever they have available. At Petty Brothers Meats, Inc., you'll find a wide variety of meats that will suit your needs. You can order your favorite cut of steak or take home an entire chicken that will feed the whole family.

Our meat market in Annandale, MN has been serving high-quality meat products for decades. We've grown our selection to provide you with your favorite meat for any occasion. Whether you want beef patties and crab legs or smoked ham and salami, we'll keep your refrigerator stocked.

Get your main course from a local meat market in Annandale, Minnesota.

Meat prepared how you want it

Don't have time in your busy schedule to prepare your meat for a delicious meal? You don't have to sacrifice the flavors you want. Our meat market has a range of products that will fit your schedule. You can order meat that's...

  • Marinated, bacon-wrapped or stuffed to give you bold, unique flavors
  • Fully cooked meat that you can heat and eat in a hurry
  • Frozen meat packs so you can stock up for the future
Start planning a delicious meal when you stop by our meat market today.

Back from a hunt? We can process your meat.

Properly processing an animal requires careful hands. Our local butcher has the skills to take care of beef, pork and venison processing in Annandale, MN. We'll complete the butchering, grinding, wrapping and freezing and place the meat in your choice of packaging. We can also cure and smoke meat.

Call us at 320-274-5615 for more information about our venison or beef processing services.